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WE’RE EXCITED TO SHARE OUR CAPABILITIES AND NEW SERVICES. However, we don’t expect you to be familiar with all the offerings provided through our clinic. You have jobs and busy lives like we do. And, hard to believe, not everyone is a dental geek the way we are. So hit us up. We’ll show you around.

Experienced General Dentistry


Complementary preventative services like cleaning, x-rays, and exams. You get a free emergency visit…



Yearly visits, ongoing maintenance, health checks



Basic prevention and treatments for a cavity



Tooth extractions with superior and compassionate aftercare

Crowns in About 2 Hours

Our new technology uses CAD CAM milling and design to make crowns. Precise, beautiful, fast. 

NEXT GENeration Dentistry

Cone Beam X-rays

We take X-rays from the outside of your head and can see what’s missed in traditional 2-D dental X-rays.  


Dental Lasers

Dental lasers decrease pain, friction, vibration, heat, and swelling. Experience the benefits.

Precision Dental Implants

Implants can be the best way to replace missing teeth. Our advanced, in-house lab is new and ready to equip your smile.

3-D Printing and Milling

With new 3D methods and precision models, new retainers, and form-fitting mouth guards reduce lab time.

Custom Dental Mouth Guards

We can treat your sleep apnea with custom mouth guards. Less stress. More sleep.


Many might joke about someone we know that “snores like a freight train” but its a serious issue. Snoring isn’t normal.


The truth is that snoring is a sign that, for a number of possible reasons, your respiratory system is not working well at night. That leads to a set of conditions known as sleep disordered breathing which often results in poor oxygen profusion during sleep. If your blood oxygen levels drop below 90 at night it has bad effects on your circulatory system, stressing your heart and the rest of your body, changing your blood chemistry and increasing your whole body inflammatory load. All this helps hasten all the problems of old age – type 2 diabetes, weight gain, high blood pressure and other heart problems, stroke, GERD, loss of libido, frequent trips to the bathroom at night, and daytime sleepiness including falling asleep at the wheel. Many relationships suffer because of the lack of sleep caused by the noise of snoring. Get your health and relationship back. Come let us evaluate your snoring with our state of the art and proprietary diagnostics.

Ahead of all of our services, we’re committed to high safety standards.
We aim to make those standards the best in the state.
That’s why we built our new center from the ground up.