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Why this matters for you.

Why this matters for you.

We’ve invested heavily in amazing, cutting-edge tech. Not just because we love gadgets (we do) but because we want to make substantial improvements to the quality of our patients’ experience. So, our tools greatly reduce pain, are less cumbersome for the patient, are faster to use (so less time in the chair),  improve patient safety against infection, and provide instant,  accurate and comprehensive data – so less waiting, guessing or missing important details.

We also want to maximize our opportunities to serve our patients’ optimum health. We probably spend more time around our patients’ heads than most doctors do, so we want to make the best use of that time for you.  

With some of our scanning equipment, for example, we can see and explore inside your mouth and head without ever touching your mouth. The extreme detail we are able to achieve, of every angle of your mouth and surrounding areas, ensures we don’t miss anything, whether it’s a dental or another medical issue. Most often our tech confirms what we already suspected. Sometimes it reveals a previously unidentified health issue, which we can then refer on to an appropriate medical practitioner long before it becomes a serious problem. Finding these health issues when there’s still time to treat them changes everything. That’s why we invest in tech.
Cone Beam
Story 1: One week and a whole new mouth for the groom

A big, burly guy came in. He was getting married in a week and wanted his smile improved so he could look good for his new bride. With our fast and precise design and manufacturing technology, we placed six new crowns in a single day.

He looked great for his wedding.

Story 2: Cone beam sees what most dentists can’t

The Cone Beam scanner provides a detailed view that most dentists and physicians never see. On a weekly basis, we find something not dentally related that may need the attention of an MD. We carefully catalog these discoveries. Then we send them off to the patient’s physician.

Story 3: Cone beam scan averts risk of stroke and heart attack

Rick came in with vague discomfort on his upper right face. He hadn’t been to the dentist since before Covid. An initial exam showed nothing of interest, so we did a Cone Beam scan which allows us to see the entire area in three dimensions. He had a severely broken molar and the two teeth in front of it were dead and abscessed. All three teeth were connected with infection and in one spot the infection had broken through into the sinus on that side. His minor discomfort was actually a massive infection of his upper right face, invisible to an ordinary x-ray.

That kind of infection can raise the incidence of a heart attack by 2.7 times, and the sinus infection raises the risk of stroke by 30%. “If it doesn’t hurt, don’t fix it” could have caused him serious harm. As it was, early diagnosis and treatment averted the risk.

Story 4: Cone beam exposes dangerous carotid artery calcification

David came in for a routine dental exam. His Cone Beam indicated calcifications In the area of his carotid artery. Calcifications of the carotid can cause a stroke. We sent him to his physician for further follow-up.

Lots of patients have sinus and nose issues that neither they nor their physicians are aware of.

Wendy came in with an infected molar that had been treated by another practice three times, unsuccessfully, with antibiotics. She was in a hurry to resolve this problem as she was scheduled for joint replacement surgery and couldn’t get it done until her dental condition was satisfactory. The Cone Beam immediately showed the tooth had a broken root and could not be fixed. We removed the tooth involved and she was able to get to her surgery in time.

Story 5: Cone beam: our canary in the mine

Lots of patients have sinus and nose issues.  Sometimes neither they nor their physicians are aware of their issues. They are very grateful that our Cone Beam proves to be such an invaluable tool for exposing these and any other issues invisible to the eye or x-ray.


Fantastic experience...

Fantastic experience, Doctor O’Neill went over and beyond with my care! This is our dental office now!



Very friendly staff...

Very friendly staff and super clean!

— Susan


Great Experience.

I had a great experience for my first time at Running Creek Dental. Gloria, the hygienist was great as was Dr. O’Neill and Stephanie at the front desk were all very accommodating and helpful! They all made the appointment easy for me.

— Mary

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