Dr. Larry J. O’Neill, DMD, MAGD, ABGD

Kind. Skilled. Savvy.

Dr. Larry J. O’Neill, DMD, MAGD, ABGD

Kind. Skilled. Savvy.

A little bit about Dr. O’Neill …

Dr. O’Neill  wants to help expand the way his clients think and what they know about dentistry. A visit to his chair is more than just opening a mouth. He champions whole body health. And supports safety beyond current standards. He embraces Next Gen Tech (next generation technology) to manage pain, and to shorten the length of time his clients sit in his dental chair.
His lifetime of experience and his philosophy make a huge shift toward satisfying his clients and helping them get better results.


Larry’s Background

As a freshman in high school I joined a program that was to shape my life: the Boys League.

Every other Friday we boys went to the gym and a professional would speak to us about their profession: fireman, cop, lawyer, physician, plumber, clergy, etc. One was a dentist. He spoke about dentistry — but in terms of art. And science. And engineering, relationships and the ability to earn a good living — all while helping people.

Those things landed for me in a big way.

I had always been interested in science. I built model airplanes, ships, and cars, as well as woodworking as hobbies. I started questioning my dentist, and became fascinated by the drawers in his dental surgery.

During my Sophomore year, the major English assignment was to choose a career and then research it — for the whole school year. I chose dentistry and I dived in: education, financing, income levels and more. My final notebook was a packed 3-inch binder. That was it. I knew it. I would be a dentist.

Three years of undergrad gave me great focus. Dental school was a real challenge. Graduating from the U of Oregon Dental School, I joined the Army as a dentist. I was selected for an internship at Reynolds Army Hospital and by the end of that I was 5-6 years ahead of my peers. Then a two-year Residency at Silas B. Hayes Army Hospital, CA and I was set. And excited.

Every year since, I’ve been grateful for the choices I made, the wonderful people beside me, and all the people I’ve been privileged to serve.

I love dentistry, connecting, and educating my clients. Dentistry is both my vocation and avocation. I couldn’t have ever picked a better profession for me.

In short: I love using my skills to help people be healthier and more beautiful.